One world, one school

  • iclassroom brings the advantage of unique high quality education to all students across the world, that influences a lot for the students to grow and transform as an international student and find himself as a successful global enterprise.
  • iclassroom offers access to courses taught by expert teachers. The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn.

Courses offered

iclassroom, in the beginning provides classes of international quality by expert teachers for students up to 10 years of age and will eventually open classes for higher grades.

iclassroom and Kids

The education policy at iclassroom is very practical and result oriented. iclassroom at the beginning focus on kids and introduce the online education as a simple and comfortable medium of learning for kids.

iclassroom and Parents

iclassroom take care of the inhibitions and doubts of the parents in common about online education and initially does the best to make parents and students feel ease and benefit with iclassroom. We will open iclassroom for higher classes accordingly the way students are comfortable and capable enough to make benefits meticulously.

iclassroom is a family learning

  • iclassroom is an education space with global perspective, encouraging and providing the best ambience for families to come together for education, entertainment and learning.
  • Students get the best education through iclassroom. It is an education zone providing online education. We at iclassroom democratize education by enabling everyone to learn from world experts.
iclassroom is only viewable in landscape mode, rotate your device 90 degree to experience the iclassroom.
Academic study materials.
Advisable to use devices above 7inch screen.
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To use iclassroom, please visit school website using the latest version of google chrome.